Hiring a DJ you don't know, for an event as special as your wedding, can be a very scary thing. That's why we offer the 12 point "Peace Of Mind" money back guarantee.

1. Your DJ will show up and be on time for your event. 

2. Planning... VIP DJs Guarantees to help you, not only with the music selections, but to also help you with planning your event with unlimited phone and e-mail consultations and 24/7 access to our online planners. This can involve as little a couple of hours to as much as 15-25 hours or more depending on the complexities of the your event. Even though it may seem that you are only booking a DJ for about 5 hours, in reality you get a 15-30 hours or more.

3. Coordination....VIP DJs Guarantees to help coordinate your event in conjunction with your other professionals. This means you can rest assured that everyone (Photographers, Videographers, Caterers, etc.) will be on the same page during your event.

4. Attire.....VIP DJs Guarantees to be properly attired for your event. You have the choice of the DJ's attire, from casual to full-formal, the DJ will be attired to fit your event.

5. Performance..... VIP-DJs Guarantees to be at the venue and perform on the day and hours stated on your contract. We will arrive at your event at least 1 hour before contracted start time.

6. Formal Songs.....VIP-DJs Guarantees to have all of the songs for your formal dances and other special dances as long as the DJ given the list 7 to 10 days prior to your event and the songs are commercially available. If there is a song that is unavailable commercially, and you can provide the song to us prior to your event in CD format, MP3, or other format we will be glad to accommodate your request for that as well.

7. Sound System... VIP DJs Guarantees to provide a professional mobile DJ sound system and that the sound system will not be an eye sore. The equipment will be of professional grade and not home stereo equipment.

8. Conduct... VIP DJs Guarantees professional conduct during your event. No drinking, no foul language or anything that might offend your guests.

9. Directions... VIP DJs Guarantees to following reasonable directions from you, including but not limited to volume adjustment and music content.

10. Back Up Equipment... VIP DJs Guarantees to have back-up equipment available at your event. We use only the best sound and dance lighting equipment available, but we will always have back-up equipment just in case of any equipment malfunction.

11. Requests... VIP DJs Guarantees to have and play as many of your requests as possible as long as I am are given your requests list 7 to 10 days prior to your event and your requests are commercially available. If you have requests for songs that are unavailable commercially, and you can provide them to me prior to your event in CD format, MP3, or other formats we will be glad to accommodate your requests for those as well. I will also play requests from your guests as long as it is approved by you.

12. Music.....VIP DJs Guarantees to only play the music that want played or the guests want played. The DJ will listen to requests and "read" the crowd to make sure everyone is having a great time.

* Money Back Guarantee is subject to documented claims from both parties (Client & DJ) once a final decision has been made, the client will be refunded an appropriate amount depending on the circumstances, up to 100% refund. VIP DJs is not responsible for any amount over the paid fee for services.

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